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The Connections courses offered at WJMS are:

  • Beginning Band
  • Music Appreciation
  • Agricultural Education

 Exploring Agricultural Education analyzes the different aspects of the agricultural industry. Each course (6-8) is designed to introduce students to the vast opportunities available in Agricultural Education. Students will be given the opportunity to learn how agriculture and agribusiness effects their daily lives and learn about animal science, horticulture and plant science, wildlife, forestry, and agriculture mechanics. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in FFA activities. 


QUEST is the name of the program serving identified gifted students in grades 1 through 8 in Bulloch County. QUEST is an acronym for Quality and Unique Experiences in Study and Thought.  The program provides special instruction for gifted students so they may achieve at levels commensurate with their intellectual abilities.  QUEST provides both group and individual learning experiences to develop cognitive skills, leadership potential, thinking abilities, and creative abilities. Middle school students, grades 6 - 8, are served 1 period each day. The QUEST curriculum provides opportunities that enhance the following skills: Communication, Problem Solving, Creative and Critical Thinking, Research and Study, Guided Independent Study, and Self Evaluation.

  • Visual Arts I, II, & III

The focus of our visual arts course curriculum works to expand on what students have learned in previous visual arts courses through more in-depth exploration of creating, presenting, and responding to art, all while connecting the world of art to other areas of learning and personal endeavors. 

 BCS Visual Arts Online Exhibition

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) Lab

The STEAM Lab program aims to address content standards in science, technology, engineering, art, and math in an incorporated, practical, real-world context. Creativity and communication will be critically integrated throughout each lesson. A portion of the curriculum will include elemental mastery of: 

Kodu, Scratch, Tinkercad(3D Printing), VEX Robot Coding, Open Rocket, and other programs in which creative problem-solving teaches students the technical skills, independence, leadership, cooperation/teamwork, organization, time management, and how to “sell” their solutions.

  • Health, Physical Education, and Weight Lifting

Students will participate in various activities that will allow them to learn the skills to develop health-related fitness levels. Students will strive to achieve physical competence in movement activities and they will gain a cognitive understanding of health concepts. Students will practice positive behaviors toward physical activity and will learn how to adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles. Students will understand the benefits that regular exercise can provide for a person’s emotional well-being, mental, physical, and social health. Students will understand the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. Students will practice proper lifting techniques and will be encouraged to move safely in the weight room at all times.